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SirixDB Client SDKs

As mentioned briefly here, I think it would be a good (long-term) idea to develop client SDKs.

Typescript/Javascript was already mentioned, but I would like to add that I would like to eventually develop a Python package. After all, Python is practically my native language :wink:.

What other languages should be supported?

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Hmm, for me it would be Java and Kotlin :wink:

You’re referring to the REST-API, right? So, I guess wrappers around asynchronoues HTTP-Clients.

For simply embedding a SirixDB instance in a Kotlin based application, I’d also love to have a Kotlin-DSL :slight_smile:

I was wondering if those would be your favorites :grinning:.

Yes, although I would think that asynchronicity should be optional - at least for the Python SDK. In Python typically one doesn’t use asynchronous functions unless they’re needed, so some libraries actually provide multiple options.

I wasn’t even aware that Kotlin-DSLs were a thing! I’m now jealous of the Kotlin people :wink:!

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