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Working on issues for #Hacktoberfest

As I’m participating with SirixDB let’s discuss stuff over here :slight_smile:

I’ve just created an initial repository for the upcoming web frontend with Vue.js and TypeScript :slight_smile:

Is there any contribution you would like to see for web-frontend?

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Hi @pareshjoshi, I just started the whole project. I’ve added a few issues regarding the upcoming GUID and sushant-j wanted to work on this as well. However, there are plenty of views I envision :wink:

You can also have a look into my master’s thesis. I had built a variant of a sunburst view to display and highlight the differences between two revisions (based on a Swing GUI and embedded visualizations). I think that would also be nice to port to the web frontend :slight_smile:

and a short Screencast: