Revisions Sunburst

@johannes mentioned here about wanting to port the sunburst view from java swing to the web, I believe with D3. While I have no intention to knock that course of action, I am wondering if would be a more straightforward solution?

[I actually first thought of PySimpleGUIWeb, due to the relative ease of use of the library APIs. However, being that the application is *already* written in java swing, I figure that this may be a pretty good solution. All that said, I have no objection to rewriting in D3.]

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The visualizations were even written in and embedded as a Java PApplet, which was a AWT component I think into a Swing-GUI. That said I’ve had a lot of trouble and it never worked with resizing the window and repainting linked Visualizations because of heavyweight vs lightweight components. Plus, some libraries are outdated and would have to be changed (they are not maintained anymore) and at some point I didn’t update the GUI to the latest SirixDB API anymore as also some processing libraries were never pushed to Maven Central and as such I had trouble to find and install them in the local maven repo.

All in all I’m not sure. I also thought about this p3.js library, but most people said, that D3.js is much more in use.

Do you mean p5.js? I can’t find anything matching p3.js

Yes, sorry… it’s